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Inner Circle

Joining the the Rare Breed extended family is easy. Your place in the family is secured with your first purchase of any Rare Breed lower, upper/lower set, pistol or complete rifle.

For something far more significant, join our "Inner Circle". Your annual membership in this exclusive club guarantees you numerous benefits only available to members
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What are the benefits?

1. The serial number on your first lower purchased becomes your 'Inner Circle' member number. 

2. Each year that you are a member, you will receive:
  • Rare Breed 'Inner Circle' certificate of membership with corresponding serial number.
  • Rare Breed 'Inner Circle' membership patch
  • Rare Breed 'Inner Circle' membership coin

  • 3. 10% Off ALL Rare Breed swag, lowers and complete firearms.

    4. Exclusive first right of refusal for the serial number matching your member number for all future designs. We have several completed designs in the pipeline. This is your chance to ensure a matching set of all of the lowers.
    NOTE: Membership in the Rare Breed 'Inner Circle" is billed annually with the first year membership at a price of $99.00 and each subsequent year at a price of $29.00.  This will be an annual membership. All club benefits apply as long as the individual is a member of the club. 

    Notice: Please reach out to us by Phone to Sign-Up or Cancel!