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Connoisseur's Club


Connoisseurs's Club
First off, welcome to the Rare Breed Family.We have spent a 
great deal of time and effort to bring a unique and innovative 
piece to the market. Your support is greatly appreciated!

Now that you’re part of the family we would like to offer you an 
opportunity to part of the elite Connoisseur’s Club, and like all 
great clubs we have great benefits!

The first step to joining the club is purchasing one of our lowers, 
Upper and Lower, pistol or full rifle. You will then use your serial 
number to join the club. This ensures each members unique 
identity within the club and establishes them as a Connoisseur!

As a member you have benefit’s that no one else will share in.   
Club benefits?
1. Limited Edition Rare Breed Swag. First you receive your 
certificate with corresponding serial number. Additionally you 
will receive the club’s coin. A unique challenge coin not offered 
to the public and accompanying patch. 
2. As a member you receive a 10% Discount on ALL Rare Breed 
items including any apparel, corresponding merch and future 
lower receivers. 

NOTE: This will be an annual membership. All club benefits apply as long as the 
individual is a member of the club.